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NLP Life Coaching Services

Empowering change with NLP Life Coaching

The Benefits of NLP Life Coaching are amazing.  It can help you heal from past wounds, solve life problems and acheive greater happiness and success in life.  NLP will enable you to unlock your true potential and empoer you to create the future you deserve.    

I’ll help you create the solutions that are right for your situation. Together, everything is possible.

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Why choose NLP Life Coaching?

NLP harnesses the power of language in a specific way.   “Questions are also interventions”… In a coaching context when we ask “ A good question [it] can take a person’s mind in a completely new direction and change his life.” [John Seymour] 

Great questions help us to initially explore significant past life events, present day and future goals and aspirations.  This process helps you  better understand yourself, clarify what’s going on for you at a deeper level.  Identify specific goals to empower you and achieve greater happiness and success in life 

Until we see things differently, we cannot bring about a shift or change in our thinking. When you see things differently, you will begin to think differently, because you think differently, you will feel differently and consequently behave differently.

The benefit of NLP is that it empowers you with ‘new tools’ for you to use throughout your lifetime!    


What is NLP Life Coaching?

NLP Life Coaching helps you to identify the roadblocks that are stopping your from achieving your desired goals/outcomes.


NLP Coaching allows you to delve deeper and identify the root cause of these roadblocks which when removed, result in a more profound transformation. NLP Coaching offers a much greater opportunity for success and new pathways towards a more fulfilling life.” [Tad James Co]

My role is to help you focus on what you want, working together we find solutions which enable you to achieve your goals. 

I help and facilitate you to become more self-aware through a process of :-
Crystallising your values
 Values often become eroded over time, getting back in touch with what is important to you; realigning values helps motivate you to achieve your goals;

Challenging outdated beliefs
Negative beliefs, left unchallenged build over time and like a fortress can imprison and impact on your life. Creating positive empowering beliefs can help you achieve your goals.                                                           
NLP tools and techniques are transformative.  Working with them will enable you to understand yourself better than ever before.  Empowering you to take steps to make positive, life enhancing changes.
Working together we can take the weight off your mind and bring about the long lasting changes that you have been looking for, creating new empowering behaviours that enrich your life for the better.
By embracing new positive beliefs and behaviours, change is inevitable … sounds amazing? 
You are !

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Nicci Murphy

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As Shakespeare once said,

"Thinking's never good or bad, it's thinking makes it so..."