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Hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Can hypnosis help me quit smoking?

Nicci Murphy: Hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Fed up with smoking?

Tired and fed up of being a slave to your smoking which is now really having a negative impact on your health and your lifestyle?

Is stopping no longer an option?

Is giving up constantly on your mind?

Have you resolved to stop, time and time again, only to start again, the moment the going gets tough?

All you ever hear is ‘No one said it was going to be easy’…

Now is the time to take the weight off your mind and try something different!

So why can hypnotherapy and NLP help you break the habit?

It directly tackles your corrupted subconscious programming

It helps you develop new entrenched beliefs

It empowers you to focus on what you want and not what you don’t want

It nurtures your motivation for the long term; and

The British Medical Association has acknowledged the use of hypnosis as the most effective method of treating smoking addiction.

So how many sessions will I need?

For those of you who want to give up today, one session is all you need!

However for those of you who would prefer to work towards giving up over a period of time, I generally recommend you have a course of six sessions, this approach is more holistic, taking into account broader factors, e.g., mental health and social factors, rather than just the symptoms and tackles more than just the habit.  Looking at your life as a whole.

Success Stories

Wow, that was amazing!  That you for giving me the courage to face my fears!   Thanks Nicci

[Tandem Paragliding, Oludeniz June 2022]

Hypnotherapy helped me overcome my fear of heights

Hi Nicci!  Just wishing you a super 2020!  And thank you sooooooomuch for your incredible contribution to my 2018-2019 !  I appear to have moved on enormously … thank you again, and all the very very best to you.  I do recommend people to you!  Mr T  

Hypnotherapy helped me to make changes and move on in my life

After many years of the “quit smoking” battle with varying degrees of success, in desperation to quit this habit once and for all, I researched hypnotherapy and thought, “why not”, I’ve tried everything else, from cold turkey, to patches, vaping, you name it it tried it. I came across Nicci’s name on a general search engine, I read all about her qualifications, how she can help people with most things through hypnotherapy. 

I took the plunge and contacted Nicci, within a few hours I had a reply, emails were exchanged an appointment made. I went along for my appointment thinking I knew what to expect but I received so much more, a clear understanding of my habit, what is most important to me, all in a comfortable and safe environment. 

I undertook the treatment with Nicki and truly haven’t looked back, the usual craving is not there, the thought of smoking makes me feel nauseous, I actually think of myself as a non smoker already! Nicci provided me with a two week follow up download to listen to once a day, something I wasn’t expecting but really appreciated. 

 I would happily recommend anyone for hypnotherapy and to see this lovely lady.!

Hypnotherapy helped me to quit smoking

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