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Online Hypnotherapy

Can hypnotherapy be done online?

I am frequently asked can you do hypnotherapy online?  Yes, most definitely!  If you are unable to travel or just prefer not to, online hypnotherapy is a great option.  Technological advances enable online hypnotherapy to be delivered  from a variety of platforms, so you can choose whatever works best for you, laptop, mobile device; smartphone, iphone, ipad.

What are the benefits of online hypnotherapy?

One of the major factors with any therapy is the therapeutic alliance which is a key predictor of therapy outcomes.  One of the key benefits of online hypnotherapy is that regardless of the therapist’s location, it broadens your choice.  Importantly it enables you to find the right therapist for your hypnosis session from anywhere in the world.  As an example, I’m currently in the Middle East but am consulting with clients as far away as Inverness in Scotland, to Punjabi in India.

Also, given there is an increase in online hypnotherapy there is a growing body of evidence to support the benefits and effectiveness of online therapy.  Further research will go to answer the question Can you do hypnotherapy online? 

Can hypnosis work over zoom?

I personally use zoom for online hypnotherapy sessions, however it can also be delivered via watts app, skype etc.  

How do online hypnotherapy sessions differ?

Generally speaking, they don’t.  A similar format is followed, however all hypnotherapy sessions are individually tailored. 

Does online hypnotherapy work?

Despite the increasing popularity of online hypnotherapy.  People still ask if online hypnotherapy is as effective as in-person face-to-face hypnotherapy. 

Having worked with clients who’ve had both the traditional in-person face-to-face and also those who’ve then experienced online.

 The answer to the question, is a resounding yes !  Online hypnotherapy has worked just as well online, if not better. 

Can you do hypnotherapy online?

Yes, it’s a greater option for so many!  Gives greater freedom and availability too!  Read on …



How does hypnotherapy work online?

The initial session(s) consist of the conversational stuff, information gathering.  I predominantly use NLP tools for this.  We look at past, present and future.  Through conversation, we have the potential to reframe your personal history, by bringing unconscious to conscious awareness, new insight help to dissipate old behaviours.  We uninstall old thoughts, feelings and beliefs that no longer serve you. Uncover unconscious payoffs.  Install and strengthen new thoughts, feelings and beliefs at an unconscious level.  We embed strategies that you can use moving forward to generate new behaviours which achieve your desired outcomes. 

How does online Zoom Hypnotherapy work?

Once you have completed and forwarded your intake form, and secured payment for your session, you will be sent an invitation to connect to the Zoom call.  This will be sent well in advance of your pre-booked online hypnotherapy session, you just need to ensure you can tick off the items on the following checklist:- 

  • set time aside so you will not be disturbed
  • turn your phone to silent
  • sit in a comfortable position, so that your head and shoulders are visible (I will need to be able to see you throughout the session)
  • find a quiet location
  • have a reliable internet connection 
  • have a fully charged device
  • have an electronic device that has webcam and microphone facility 

7 Benefits of choosing online hypnotherapy 

  1. One of the biggest advantages is that it offers greater convenience, easier access
  2. Facilitates total privacy giving you complete anonymity.  No one need know you are having hypnosis
  3. Greater relaxation can be achieved from being in a familiar environment.  Enjoy greater benefit from your relaxation lasting beyond the end of the session.  In the comfort and security of your own home
  4. Research shows that some anxiety disorders may be better suited to online hypnotherapy
  5. More convenient scheduling which offers you greater flexibility
  6. Better value for money as no travel costs are incurred.  Better for the environment too!
  7. Greater choice of therapist>  More and more hypnotherapists are offering online solutions.  Given the therapeutic alliance is key, finding the right therapist for you to work with whom you feel most comfortable with important.

    The potential disadvantages of choosing online hypnotherapy 

    • Most experienced disadvantage would be technological issues.  However this can be minmised if following the correct guidelines.
    • Individual preference to meeting in person face-to-face.
    • Where domestic violence exists within the home environment and privacy and safety cannot be achieved. 

    (I’m happy to say the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages) 


What some of my clients say about online hypnotherapy sessions

"There’s very little difference.   I started with face to face, then with the pandemic we moved to online.  It was more convenient for sure.”

“It’s made it more accessible for me.  Especially in lock down when I was so desperate for some help with pain management after an operatio.  With my limited mobility it was a god send.”

“I was unable to get to my face-to- face appointment, so we rescheduled for zoom, which was brilliant.” 

“As a busy mum with only one day off in the week, it’s been great because I’ve been able to sit in on the session. Then get back on with my day with minimal interruption which is fab. ” 

“I suffer with social anxiety and have mobility issues, so online was a perfect match for me.”

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