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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Does hypnotherapy for weight loss work?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss – with Nicci Murphy

Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight and maintain your ideal weight

Get ‘rid of’ excess weight without yoyo dieting

Are you tired and fed up of yoyo dieting?   Do you think about nothing other than what diet to tackle next? Have you tried, tasted, and tested them all only to find that as soon as you ‘stop dieting’ you pile the pounds back on? Looking to get rid of excess weight effortlessly?

Now is the time to take the weight off your mind and try something different!

So how can hypnotherapy and NLP help you to get rid of excess weight?

Hypnotherapy tackles the way you think about food at a more powerful levels, both consciously and subconsciously

It focuses your attention on what you want … a slimmer, healthier body

It empowers you to remain focused on what you want rather than focusing on what you don’t want

It nurtures long term motivation for a slimmer healthier body

It enables you to manage your weight for the long term

It helps you do develop life long change

So how do I get rid of excess weight with hypnotherapy?

Re-pattern your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about yourself and your relationship with food

Get to understand what’s really important to you

Be clear about what you are going to change

Explore any negative beliefs that you hold about your ability to maintain your ideal weight

Change habits of self-sabotage

Utilise visualisation techniques to influence your thinking, feeling and eating habits

Understand what triggers your emotional eating habits and patterns

Develop a healthier self image, boost your self esteem and confidence

By exploring the differences between where you are today, and planning for your future. We can begin to identify what needs to change in order to achieve your goal.

Success Stories

Hypnosis and NLP for weight loss is very effective... look what happens when you are truly ready to change ... this is what happened in week 1 for a recent client!

"Not sure what form a testimonial should take so will just elaborate on how my week went.

As weeks went it was a pretty testing one for someone staring a new approach to food. I had a meal out, a party and the stress of the menfolk down with the nasty flu bug. With each of these situations my normal approach would have been to overeat (because I love food) and reach for chocolate (my usual stress-buster).

But not this past week. I found myself leaving food on the plate in the pub and I've NEVER, EVER been one to leave food uneaten. I only went to the buffet at the party once, resisted all the bread and biscuits and actually TURNED DOWN cake (I've found the 'gorging' section of the hypnotherapy cd a particularly powerful process. Thinking of eating the cake genuinely made me feel nauseous). These were all decisions made not with the usual dieters approach of 'I know I mustn't eat that' but with a subconscious decision that I was barely aware of; that I would only eat what would help me achieve my goal of a slimmer, fitter me. Using a smaller plate for every meal has really helped with portion sizes and I'm really trying to eat slowly and savour each mouthful. It's amazing how something as simple as this can reduce how much you eat.

I've had maybe 3 small squares of chocolate over the week rather than a bar a day and found myself turning to music instead of reaching out for something sweet.

I've really loved getting back into yoga every day and can't believe I let myself stop. Mad!

I realise that the newly converted are bound to be pretty zealous at first but I do feel I've been able to shift course and focus on what I really want to achieve.

So this is not something I could have written before your intervention.

I was stuck, aware of what I needed to change and even how to do it but without the ability to make that start. You patiently unlocked the reasons holding me back, showed me how to visualise my goal and gave me techniques to get my subconscious mind back on track.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" ... I've asked her if she'd like to share a weekly diary ... so if watch this space, If she's game, I will share her ongoing weight loss story ... 2015

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

If you are seeking to lose weight gradually within a totally supportive environment, then you must consider Nicci Murphy’s, ‘weight loss programme’ . Nicci’s programme peels back layer by layer the reasons we suffer from issues such as weight gain. Nicci’s guided sessions, enable you to take back the reins and get a grip with your mind and body! Go for it.! ...make that decision. I am so happy that I did! Thank you so much Nicci.”

Hypnotherapy helped me lose weight

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