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Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias

Can hypnosis help with my fears or phobias?

Nicci Murphy: Hypnotherapy for fears and phobias

NLP, Hypnosis and EMDR can help with phobias

What is the difference between fear and phobia ?

“Fear is a natural, healthy emotional response to real or perceived imminent threat, whereas anxiety is anticipation of future threat,” the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) says.

In contrast a phobia evokes a more intense response which can lead to severe anxiety and potentially panic attacks.

“The DSM-5 names three anxiety disorders that contain the word phobia.

Individuals with specific phobia are fearful or anxious about or avoidant of specific objects or situations eg., fear of vomit, dogs, spiders, snakes etc.

In social anxiety disorder (social phobia), the individual is fearful or anxious about or avoidant of social interactions and situations that involve the possibility of being scrutinised.

Individuals with agoraphobia are fearful and anxious about two or more of the following: using public transportation; being in open spaces; being in enclosed places; standing in line or being in a crowd; or being outside of the home alone in other situations.”


So how can a combination of NLP,  hypnotherapy and EMDR help you overcome fears and phobias? 

NLP will help to establish how the fear/phobia is impacting on your daily life

Identify triggers and maladaptive responses

Help you to develop a greater understanding of the fight, flight response

As Phobias are rooted in the subconscious, no matter how much we tell ourselves that the ‘fear’ is irrational, the mind body connection still reacts out of fear.

Hypnotherapy communicates directly with the subconscious, helps to reprogramme the way you feel and in turn change your behaviour.

If you’re unsure where the phobia came from, regression work can help you to identify this


Relaxation techniques

Gradual Exposure techniques with either NLP or Hypnotherapy

EMDR works a little differently to gradual exposure techniques as it focuses on sensory information, focusing on memories of the phobic response, and the feelings associated with the memory. Working through memories until the ‘phobic stimulus’ no longer evokes a distressing response.

hypnotherapy for fears and phobias

Success Stories

Happy New Year - receiving my first testimonial of the year! What a great way to start! It helps me to reflect back on the past year too.  Re-energise and focus on the year ahead !

“Hi Nicci! Just wishing you a super 2020! And thank you sooooooomuch for your incredible contribution to my 2018-2019. I appear to have moved on enormously..  Thank you again, & all the very very best to you. I do recommend people to you! T”

Hypnotherapy works

"There’s very little difference.   I started with face to face, then with the pandemic we moved to online.  It was more convenient for sure.”

“It’s made it more accessible for me.  Especially in lock down when I was so desperate for some help with pain management after an operatio.  With my limited mobility it was a god send.”

“I was unable to get to my face-to- face appointment, so we rescheduled for zoom, which was brilliant.” 

“As a busy mum with only one day off in the week, it’s been great because I’ve been able to sit in on the session. Then get back on with my day with minimal interruption which is fab. ” 

“I suffer with social anxiety and have mobility issues, so online was a perfect match for me.”

online hypnotherapy session reviews

I was very fortunate to find Nicci through an online search. I contacted her via email and she promptly replied. She offered me an initial consultation (with no charge) which I found super helpful.  To give us both a chance to meet and to see how I felt about opening up to her. Within seconds (literally) of meeting I felt extremely comfortable in Nicci's presence and talked at ease. I left feeling really positive. I quickly signed up to a 6 week course.   It was one of the best things I've ever done. Each session allowed me to open up and to talk with ease. Nicci was caring and incredibly helpful in stopping my nail/skin picking habit.  As well as offering so many more helpful tips to enable me to cope with the every day stresses of life as a working mum. The hypnosis sessions were very relaxing and really helped me. Thank you Nicci. 😊  2017

Hypnotherapy helped stop my nail/skin picking habit

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