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Sessions and Fees

Nicci Murphy: Sessions and Fees

 Therapy should be an empowering and positive experience and it’s important that you have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about Hypnotherapy and NLP.  It is equally important that you are comfortable with my approach. If I do not think that Hypnotherapy/NLP is appropriate for you then I will suggest alternatives.

Free Online Consultation FREE
One off Session £125.00
Six Week Programme £450.00
Smoking Cessation          £250.00
Home Visit          £126.00

Initial Free half hour consultation available, remote face to face online via zoom and telephone – whatever works for you

You are welcome to call or email me for more information or book a free half hour remote face to face online via zoom or telephone consultation so that you can find out more about the work we would do together.

Online Hypnotherapy sessions are becoming extremely popular and the preferred option for many.


There’s no time like the present to begin to work together to find the very best solutions for your situation

I cannot tell you how many sessions you may need to achieve your desired results, we’re all different and it very much depends on whether you’re looking for a quick confidence boost or seeking significant life long change…


One-off sessions Online or Face to Face 

If you are looking for a quick confidence boost which empowers you to tackle issues such as; exam nerves; public speaking; your next flight, driving test etc

Session time:  up to 90 mins
Session Price:  £125.00

Ongoing session price £75 (up to 60 mins)

(full payment in advance via PAYPAL and at the time of booking)


Six Week Programme – Online OR Face to Face 

Most people prefer to book a six week programme, this is commonly used for issues such as:

– Reducing stress and anxiety
– Eliminating fears and phobia
– Getting Rid of excess Weight
– Insomnia
– Menopause symptoms
– Smoking Cessation
–  and lots more

At the end of the six weeks we review progress and then decided upon the pace and/or requirement for future sessions.  

Session time: Session time: 1st Session (up to 90 mins); subsequent sessions up to 60 mins

The first session consists of taking a detailed case history, exploring the past, present day, and setting out your aspirations for the future.  This session is accompanied by a hypnotherapy audio download.  Subsequent sessions are likely to consist of a combination of further coaching and hypnosis, the sessions are individually tailored to address your specific needs and vary from person to person.  We work with what you bring into each session.

(full payment in advance via PAYPAL and at the time of booking)

Programme Price:        £450.00         (Valued at £550.00)

Additional sessions: £70.00(up to 60 mins)


Smoking Cessation – One session :  Online or Face to Face

Some people prefer to quit smoking immediately, others prefer to do this over time hence the six week programme is more appropriate.  However if you want to stop right now, then one session will be the one for you.

Accompanied by 21 day audio hypnotherapy and e-mail support.

Session time: between 90 to 120 mins
Session price: £250.00

(full payment in advance via PAYPAL and at the time of booking)


Home Visit (dependent on Geograpical Location)

If for whatever reason you would prefer to have therapy in your own home, or perhaps you are unable to leave your home

Session time: up to 90 mins
Session Price: £125.00

Mileage:  (10 miles and beyond charged at .45p per mile)

Ongoing session price £75 (up to 60 mins)

(full payment in advance via PAYPAL and at the time of booking)


Online Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching – is becoming increasingly popular

Online hypnotherapy is an excellent alternative to face to face hypnotherapy, the wonders of modern technology enable you to have sessions in the comfort of your own home, giving your greater freedom to choose the right therapist for you.

Research undertaken as recent as 2019 has shown that face to face hypnotherapy is only marginally more effective than online which is reassuring if online hypnotherapy is your only or preferred option.

Since the onset of Global Pandemic (COVID-19), online hypnotherapy has becoming increasingly popular and now plays an important role in facilitating and enabling therapists to reach out and support those of you who are struggling emotionally with the varying challenges we currently face.  The benefit of online hypnotherapy is that it offers total privacy in the security and comfort of your own home which is ideal for maintaining social distancing or for those in self-isolation.

For most issues you will be looking at between four to six sessions, we will review progress as we go and then decide upon the pace and/or requirement for future sessions.

Sessions available via;-

– Zoom
– Facetime – free for IPhone or
– Whatsapp

Preparing for your online session at home:-

– set time aside when you will not be disturbed
– turn your phone to silent
– sit in a comfortable position
– a quiet location
– a reliable internet connection
– a fully charged device
– an electronic device that has webcam; microphone facility (I will need to be able to see you throughout the session)
– secure payment before your session via PayPal

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Nicci Murphy

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