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Hypnotherapy and NLP Life Coaching Success Stories

I’m passionate about the power of the mind and what can be achieved through Hypnosis and NLP and always encourage my clients to share their stories.

I’ve worked with 100s of people of all ages from all walks of life and below is a ‘snapshot’ of some of their stories and the benefits they have achieved from hypnotherapy and NLP … I would like to once again thank them for sharing their experiences with you!

I had 6 sessions with Nicci and it honestly changed my life. I can now handle whatever life throws at me. I am calmer than ever (which really frustrates my boyfriend) haha. I am winning at life and it is all thanks to this woman and her hypnotherapy. I cannot thank Nicci enough. 🙂 I would recommend this service to anyone who is struggling.

I am a recovering alcoholic and after being sober for a year I started to struggle with everything. I was against reaching out for help. But it was the best thing I ever did. 🙂  July 2022

Recovering from alcohol addiction

Having experienced what seemed to have been a life time of unfortunate issues throughout my childhood and adult life I developed difficulty dealing with anger in certain situations. I had already dealt with alcohol addiction which I thought at first was the route cause of my uncontrollable outbursts of anger.  Despite not having drank alcohol for over ten years and was still experiencing the problem.

As Many of us do I had buried my head in the sand for some time and found it simpler to find other scape goats or reasons to justify my actions and behaviour.

I decided to look for alternative ways to help with the issue. Nicola had been recommended by one of her previous clients, and although nervous at first, I was soon made welcome feeling relaxed and confident that I may finally have found a route to solving the problem.

Anger Management

I received hypnotherapy from Nicola Murphy for my fear of flying. After the 1st session it became clear to her that my fears were far more deep rooted than I thought and my fear was not really of flying.

I can’t give enough praise for how she helped me, I knew that I had issues in my life but until we started our sessions I didn’t realise how much they were affecting my day to day life.

I had 6 sessions and I can honestly say that I feel so more relaxed, and my fear of flying has gone, I went away recently and I really enjoyed the flight, which made a huge difference to my holiday.

I feel my life is so much better for having the hypnotherapy and would definitely recommend Nicci, she really did help me.  Thank you so much 2017

Hypnotherapy helped me overcome my fear of flying

I was very fortunate to find Nicci through an online search. I contacted her via email and she promptly replied. She offered me an initial consultation (with no charge) which I found super helpful.  To give us both a chance to meet and to see how I felt about opening up to her. Within seconds (literally) of meeting I felt extremely comfortable in Nicci's presence and talked at ease. I left feeling really positive. I quickly signed up to a 6 week course.   It was one of the best things I've ever done. Each session allowed me to open up and to talk with ease. Nicci was caring and incredibly helpful in stopping my nail/skin picking habit.  As well as offering so many more helpful tips to enable me to cope with the every day stresses of life as a working mum. The hypnosis sessions were very relaxing and really helped me. Thank you Nicci. 😊  2017

Hypnotherapy helped stop my nail/skin picking habit

I was very fortunate to find Nicci through an online search. I contacted her via email and she promptly replied. She offered me an initial consultation (with no charge) which I found super helpful, to give us both a chance to meet and to see how I felt about opening up to her.

Within seconds (literally) of meeting I felt extremely comfortable in Nicci’s presence and talked at ease. I left feeling really positive.

I quickly signed up to a 6 week course and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Each session allowed me to open up and to talk with ease. Nicci was caring and incredibly helpful in stopping my nail/skin picking habit, as well as offering so many more helpful tips to enable me to cope with the every day stresses of life as a working mum.

The hypnosis sessions were very relaxing and really helped me.

Thank you Nicci. 😊

Breaking Unhealthy Habits

"I contacted Nicci as I had been having some issues with low self-esteem, lack of confidence and stress management.

We had six sessions, of which were really enjoyable as well as being exceptionally useful.  What I really liked about it was the fact that there was a plan of action - as I felt that, compared to counselling, this was not dwelling on my problems, I felt that we found solutions.

I was totally amazed by the outcome, I was helped by Nicci to think differently and change my negative thoughts.

I was made to feel really comfortable and cared about. It was like we were working as a team for my benefit.

We generally used NLP techniques which worked really well. I now see that I have the skills to improve my self-esteem and it is my own choice how I think. The fact that I have improved my self-esteem has in turn helped my stress management issues.

I feel that I can now overcome fears that I may have shied away from. I feel like a new person. I would definitely recommend Nicci to anyone!"

NLP helped me improve my self-esteem and confidence

I have being drinking coca cola since the age of 10 and am now 24. I became very aware recently of how much I was drinking on a daily basis being 1 to 2 litres daily. I started to think about the health implications it was having on me and the effects on my lifestyle. I had begun to use coca cola as a food source and was skipping important meals during the day and replacing with a can of cola. This was also limiting my choices to what I would drink, I very rarely would drink any other form of liquid, and even water was may be once a week.

After a recommendation from a friend, I spoke to Nicci to see if she felt she would be able to help. I had never experienced hypnotherapy before and was unsure what to expect, but Nicci made me feel very comfortable and at ease.

After just my first session with Nicci, I decided to make the change and stopped drinking cola from when I left my session (go cold turkey). I then continued to visit Nicci once a week for 3 further weeks and am pleased to say I am still no longer drinking cola and am leading a healthier lifestyle with my diet and drinking habits.

The urge to buy that can of cola in the shop has gone and I have replaced cola with water and am trying new drinks giving me variety and options.

I would like to say a big thank you to Nicci for helping me through this process, it’s the best thing I have done for myself!

How hypnotherapy helped me overcome a sugar addiction

"I decided to see Nicci when I was at a crossroads in my life. I felt a bit rudderless and I needed someone to listen and coach me through this time. Men are renowned for not wanting to talk, but talking things through with Nicci helped me to reassess my core values and she was brilliant at asking thought provoking questions! This gave me a renewed focus on what really mattered to me and what I wanted out of life at 40!

It has had a massive impact on how I live my life and I can't thank Nicci enough! The hypnotherapy was truly enlightening and I now practice meditation daily.

I would encourage everyone to take a step back from life, see Nicci and reassess who you are and what you want out of life. It's easy to lose sight of that when you are working hard.

Nicci is very personable and has a lovely manner, which made the sessions really enjoyable. I can't recommend it enough!! "

Hypnotherapy and NLP Life Coaching for personal growth and development

"I came to 3-4 hypnotherapy sessions over the course of a few weeks during the summer of 2013. Initially Nicci offered the sessions based on weightloss but it became clear that underlying stresses and strains in my daily life were a greater priority for me at that time. Nicci then adapted the sessions to help me deal with anxieties and worries I was having with my teenage son’s mental health issues.

Over the course of the sessions Nicci was able to help me feel relaxed and more confident and prepared to deal with the very stressful period of my life and the impact it was having on my own health - weight gain exercise plan and general happiness. The sessions made me appraise all the positives in my life at that point and understand eventually why I had the ongoing weight issue."  2013

Hypnotherapy helped me with Stress and Anxiety

If you are seeking to lose weight gradually within a totally supportive environment, then you must consider Nicci Murphy’s, ‘weight loss programme’ . Nicci’s programme peels back layer by layer the reasons we suffer from issues such as weight gain. Nicci’s guided sessions, enable you to take back the reins and get a grip with your mind and body! Go for it.! ...make that decision. I am so happy that I did! Thank you so much Nicci.”

Hypnotherapy helped me lose weight

"My name is Michael. I am 57 years old and have been self-employed most of my life and always in a busy lifestyle. Over the last twenty years I have not been looking after my health or my wellbeing by forsaking all for work. My only relaxation has been alcohol and food.

In fact I now see that I was eating and drinking as hard as I was working. This really does not work because they counteract each other. I was in a mess.

I finally made the tough decision to look for some help to change my life. I got in touch with Nicci in April this year. Best thing I have done for years.

Through Nicci and her therapy I have taken a huge step forward in looking after my life, my family better, growing my confidence again and really enjoying time out. And guess what my business is even better.  I still work very hard but now know about balance.

It's changed my outlook on just about everything I do and how I want to go forward. I can’t thank Nicci enough. Hypnotherapy has worked for me to date and I know that if I am not out of the woods I can go back to see Nicci again to remind me how well I can do if I want to. "

Hypnotherapy helps to rebuild confidence

I initially contacted Nicci as I wanted to stop drinking alcohol.   After 6 online sessions I have easily achieved this and so much more.

Nicci’s holistic approach made me look at the reasons behind my drinking which resulted in a ‘spring clean’ of my life; enabling me to see the wood for the trees.

The sessions felt relaxed – more so as I was at home – and Nicci’s warm manner made me feel totally comfortable & supported. I feel focused, confident and in control.

I’ve no hesitation in recommending Nicci, she is brilliant. (Nov 2021)

Hypnotherapy helped me to Stop Drinking Alcohol

After a long time trying to achieve goals and failing I took a look at hypnotherapy.

I was impressed from the start, Nikki made me feel welcome, calm and safe.

After the first session I achieved one of my goals and by the end I’d achieved things I haven’t even thought of.

Thank you so much, it’s been life changing.

I will be booking occasional sessions in the future, just to massage my brain. (August 2021)

Hypnotherapy has been Life Changing

"I was suffering with anxiety since the beginning of covid, it really did take over my life and completely changed my life and who I was, it was affecting my home life and my work life.

I knew after nearly 2 years something had to change and I thought of hypnotherapy.

I contacted Nicola, we had zoom meetings and I can honestly say my life had changed after a couple of meetings!

I never felt judged or scared to say how I felt, and she always made me feel comfortable. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t a magical cure you have to put work in too but if you want to change then you will put that work in!

This was the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time and I’m really really glad I did it!"   (Dec 2021)

Hypnotherapy helped me overcome COVID anxiety symptoms

It's not often I feel compelled to share the entire email, but on this occasion felt it appropriate.


"Thank you for email and you are more than welcome for little gift.  Compared to what I have gained through meeting you it is teeny tiny.

I have been crazy busy with family things but coped with flying colours because of our sessions. Using boundaries, but in a most pleasant way that sits comfortably with me.  I have learnt so much over the last few months and although struggle with hospital issues and family demands I have finally learnt a way to handle things without detriment to myself, in a polite way.

For me the sessions I have had with you have been life saving and I could never find the words to say thank YOU. Meeting you, well it is in my every day list of things

to be grateful for.

You have shown me the tools I need to cultivate ME, on this beautiful Earth.

The garden of me, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and thyme. Weeds and all !

I feel I can go out and explore the high seas as I have my anchor, which I will use until I can free fall. The downloads I know will be my bedtime companion always.

You have truly helped me to plant my tootsies firmly into the soil and shown me I have the right to be me. But still walk a kindly walk.

I will be back.... Ha Ha, for top up sessions, maybe because I am only human and I might slip and slip sometimes with health issues and hospitals or just to see you

Lovely Lady the giver of little magic parcels all tied up with kindness.

Coming to see you on Wednesday evenings was the safest I have ever felt and I just wish I had met you earlier in my life, but then if wishes were horses and all that.

I will just accept I met you at the time that was right with - the greater things that we know not what. With heartfelt thanks to you."

Hypnotherapy has been life saving

“When I first sought help from Nicci, I was in a very bad place, both mentally and physically. It seemed that my body was in constant state of flight or flight mode and this was causing no end of problems for me.

After 10 sessions of hypnotherapy, I feel totally at peace with myself, others and the world around me. I have learned to accept myself for who I am and with Nicci’s help, we have worked through my many complex issues, that needed a resolve. I now feel a new sense of calm and inner peace, this is something I have never felt or experienced before having my hypnotherapy sessions.


I only gained a lot from the sessions thanks to you, I couldn’t have achieved this without your help, which I am truly grateful for, thank you again for everything you have done for me, much appreciated.”

Mrs A (Jan 2022)

Hypnotherapy helped me overcome stress and anxiety . Freedom from Fight-or-Flight (stress anxiety response)

"I finally got round to a course of Hypnotherapy and NLP having thought/talked about it for a long time whilst struggling with IBS over many years.

Nicci was brilliant at gently leading me to where I needed to explore, to help me with my problem. For me the healing process was not instant, but a background hum of shifts in my approach to life. Almost dream like flashes of things we covered still pop up occasionally, to remind me and keep me on course. I highly recommend her work if you need and want to make a change."  2016

Hypnotherapy helped me with IBS

Hypnosis is very effective in helping people overcome dental phobias ... this testimonial certainly left my client with a smile on her face ...

"Hello Nicola, as promised letting you know how I got on at the dentist. I had a wisdom tooth taken out!! and so pleased that I "sailed" through it, no shakes, tears or any negative stuff.

I couldn't manage a teeth clean as well so will be going back in 2 weeks time, so really pleased as what I thought might be a filling instead I had a tooth out, and that's my first tooth I've had out. "   2015

Hypnotherapy helped me overcome my fear of the dentist

Happy New Year - receiving my first testimonial of the year! What a great way to start! It helps me to reflect back on the past year too.  Re-energise and focus on the year ahead !

“Hi Nicci! Just wishing you a super 2020! And thank you sooooooomuch for your incredible contribution to my 2018-2019. I appear to have moved on enormously..  Thank you again, & all the very very best to you. I do recommend people to you! T”

Hypnotherapy works

"I had 8 sessions with Nicci as I was suffering from anxiety. My issues were deeply hidden and it took 2 sessions to unload enough to even start understanding what was going on in my head. I felt comfortable and at ease straight away. Nicci is easy to talk too. Even when I got confused Nicci guided me to get back on track.

I don't talk about myself and my life very easily but with Nicci it was easy.  It is all about understanding your behaviours and actions and your minds reactions. I found my sessions enthralling and liberating. Realising that there is no such thing as perfection....

I would recommend Nicci to anyone."  2017

A little synchronicity followed when I came across this quote this morning !

"You know, a diamond doesn't know its own value and beauty - but its there nevertheless."

I’m so privileged to work with such lovely clients.  2017

Hypnotherapy helps with anxiety

I Recently had the pleasure to work with a lovely elderly couple ...

I’m able to share their testimonial to illustrate the benefits and change that can be achieved ...

‘My husband recently had a stroke that affected his personality making him childlike and confused and very aggressive and possessive of my time. I’m afraid the Hospital just dumped us without any help or support. I am happy to say that after a few weeks we did find the right buttons to press. 

This is where Nicci came in. We were desperate for help and support. We had tried Counselling and acupuncture in the past so decided to try hypnotherapy to calm my husband down and to find out why he was so aggressive.

This incredible lady through calming tapes, gentle, soft talking changed things around. The aggression was fear of dying alone. Nicci gently calmed him and taught him to relax and make his own decisions by talking it through. I now have a more thoughtful , calmer man.

Our fate we don’t worry about, life is precious - thank you Nicci’ 2019

Hypnotherapy helps overcome fears

Hypnosis and NLP for weight loss is very effective... look what happens when you are truly ready to change ... this is what happened in week 1 for a recent client!

"Not sure what form a testimonial should take so will just elaborate on how my week went.

As weeks went it was a pretty testing one for someone staring a new approach to food. I had a meal out, a party and the stress of the menfolk down with the nasty flu bug. With each of these situations my normal approach would have been to overeat (because I love food) and reach for chocolate (my usual stress-buster).

But not this past week. I found myself leaving food on the plate in the pub and I've NEVER, EVER been one to leave food uneaten. I only went to the buffet at the party once, resisted all the bread and biscuits and actually TURNED DOWN cake (I've found the 'gorging' section of the hypnotherapy cd a particularly powerful process. Thinking of eating the cake genuinely made me feel nauseous). These were all decisions made not with the usual dieters approach of 'I know I mustn't eat that' but with a subconscious decision that I was barely aware of; that I would only eat what would help me achieve my goal of a slimmer, fitter me. Using a smaller plate for every meal has really helped with portion sizes and I'm really trying to eat slowly and savour each mouthful. It's amazing how something as simple as this can reduce how much you eat.

I've had maybe 3 small squares of chocolate over the week rather than a bar a day and found myself turning to music instead of reaching out for something sweet.

I've really loved getting back into yoga every day and can't believe I let myself stop. Mad!

I realise that the newly converted are bound to be pretty zealous at first but I do feel I've been able to shift course and focus on what I really want to achieve.

So this is not something I could have written before your intervention.

I was stuck, aware of what I needed to change and even how to do it but without the ability to make that start. You patiently unlocked the reasons holding me back, showed me how to visualise my goal and gave me techniques to get my subconscious mind back on track.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" ... I've asked her if she'd like to share a weekly diary ... so if watch this space, If she's game, I will share her ongoing weight loss story ... 2015

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Losing weight in your fifties can be challenging, hypnosis make the difference – latest testimonial

“I was sceptical about hypnotherapy but had heard some very positive things on the radio particularly with respect to weight loss.

From my very first enquiry, Nicci was helpful and accessable and I committed to a six session progamme.

This was the beginning of an immensely positive experience.

The holistic approach lead me to recognise that i wanted to make changes in my life style that included, rather than was driven by, weight loss.

The therapy provided me with analysis, understanding of (insight into) my own behaviour (responses) and equipped me with tools to use day to day.

During the therapy and in the month following I have made changes to my work life / home life to make more time for keeping me well. I am happier, more grounded and have lost 2 stone in a controlled, sustainable way.

I would recommend Nicci and this therapy.”  2017

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

'My previous knowledge of hypnotherapy was vague, and I did not know how NLP would work for me. I was in a desperate state when I contacted Nicci, I had not slept in weeks and was scared that I had forgotten how to sleep.

Nicci was able to listen to my concerns and needs and then create a personalised programme over 6 weeks, where we explored different aspects of why I may not be sleeping.

Through hypnosis, I was able to relax and explore hidden fears, I was able to listen to my inner voice and rationalise my thoughts.

Nicci gave me exercises and information to take away with, this gave me tools to use at my discretion and practice some of the techniques. I was able to open up my stress bucket and let my worries and concerns melt away.

I am incredibly grateful to Nicci and I would thoroughly recommend Hypnotherapy and NLP to other people.'  2015

Hypnotherapy and NLP Life Coaching helps with sleep problems

"There’s very little difference.   I started with face to face, then with the pandemic we moved to online.  It was more convenient for sure.”

“It’s made it more accessible for me.  Especially in lock down when I was so desperate for some help with pain management after an operatio.  With my limited mobility it was a god send.”

“I was unable to get to my face-to- face appointment, so we rescheduled for zoom, which was brilliant.” 

“As a busy mum with only one day off in the week, it’s been great because I’ve been able to sit in on the session. Then get back on with my day with minimal interruption which is fab. ” 

“I suffer with social anxiety and have mobility issues, so online was a perfect match for me.”

online hypnotherapy session reviews

Another testimonial from a recent client which can be attributed to another great therapeutic tool from NLP, the 'Metal Model'.


"I really valued your support and input. Especially .. that one little golden nugget when you asked me what was stopping me driving and I started to make an 'excuse' albeit rational to me and then the penny dropped... the only thing stopping me driving was me! simple but true."

This recent client had been driving for the past thirty years and then recently started experiencing panic attacks, she'd had to take time off work and was panicking at the thought of having to return to work. After two sessions, she was happily back on the road!!

The 'meta model' is a great therapeutic tool for helping people understand their own problems better and move them towards solutions to overcome. It enables people to 'tap into their model of the world', we all make sense of our world through our thoughts and the language we use to describe our life. Our interpretation of our lives, don't necessarily represent the truth of our situation. CBT is a another well known therapeutic tool used to get us to challenge our thinking.  2016

NLP Life Coaching

Hypnosis does work … it’s scientifically official and my latest testimonial is equally supportive of it’s benefits!


“Just a note to thank you so much for your help with my weight loss plans.

I must admit that I was a bit sceptical before deciding to book some sessions. Having tried several diets and lost weight only to put it back on, I decided to give hypnotherapy a go.

I found the NLP and discussions were great to get to the root of the problem . At home after my first session I became quite emotional, It was like a great weight had been lifted and that, with your help, I could actually do this.

The hypnotherapy was fantastic. I’ve noticed I’m making changes to my eating habits subconsciously and actually stop eating before finishing the whole plate.

Weight loss has been steady and best of all sustainable. I have now lost 17lbs, a short glitch of 3lbs gain over Christmas has disappeared now.

I am going to shed another 7lbs-this will take me to a weight I haven’t been for over 20 years ,fantastic!!

My cycle fitness is the best it has ever been so all in all it has been the best investment I have made in a long time.

Thank you again, I have been and will continue to tell everyone how much you have done for me.”  2015

Hypnotherapy works for weight loss

After many years of the “quit smoking” battle with varying degrees of success, in desperation to quit this habit once and for all, I researched hypnotherapy and thought, “why not”, I’ve tried everything else, from cold turkey, to patches, vaping, you name it it tried it. I came across Nicci’s name on a general search engine, I read all about her qualifications, how she can help people with most things through hypnotherapy. 

I took the plunge and contacted Nicci, within a few hours I had a reply, emails were exchanged an appointment made. I went along for my appointment thinking I knew what to expect but I received so much more, a clear understanding of my habit, what is most important to me, all in a comfortable and safe environment. 

I undertook the treatment with Nicki and truly haven’t looked back, the usual craving is not there, the thought of smoking makes me feel nauseous, I actually think of myself as a non smoker already! Nicci provided me with a two week follow up download to listen to once a day, something I wasn’t expecting but really appreciated. 

 I would happily recommend anyone for hypnotherapy and to see this lovely lady.!

Hypnotherapy helped me to quit smoking

Hi Nicci!  Just wishing you a super 2020!  And thank you sooooooomuch for your incredible contribution to my 2018-2019 !  I appear to have moved on enormously … thank you again, and all the very very best to you.  I do recommend people to you!  Mr T  

Hypnotherapy helped me to make changes and move on in my life

Wow, that was amazing!  That you for giving me the courage to face my fears!   Thanks Nicci

[Tandem Paragliding, Oludeniz June 2022]

Hypnotherapy helped me overcome my fear of heights

Wow, that was amazing!  That you for giving me the courage to face my fears!   Thanks Nicci

[Tandem Paragliding, Oludeniz June 2022]

Hypnotherapy helped me overcome my fear of heights

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