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Hypnotherapy to build confidence

Can hypnosis help me boost my confidence?

Nicci Murphy: Hypnotherapy to build confidence

Hypnosis for Confidence & Self Esteem

Whether you’re simply looking for a ‘one off confidence boost to pass your driving test’ or help with improving your overall confidence, hypnotherapy can help

Feeling fed up, stuck, lacking in confidence, low self esteem? Would you like to improve your confidence and self esteem? Now it’s time to take the weight off your mind and try something different!

So how can hypnotherapy and NLP help improve and build confidence? It …

Breaks your negative self limiting patterns of thinking and behaving

Reprogrammes you to do things differently

Develops a positive mindset

Develops a ‘will do… can do attitude’

Focus  your mind on what you want, rather than focusing on the negatives of what you don’t want

Maintains motivation; and

Ultimately unlocks your true potential

I love these two quotes, they are so empowering  …


“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge”  

Tuli Kupferbergm

and equally

“If we did all the things we are capable of we’d astound ourselves” 

Thomas Edison

Success Stories

"My name is Michael. I am 57 years old and have been self-employed most of my life and always in a busy lifestyle. Over the last twenty years I have not been looking after my health or my wellbeing by forsaking all for work. My only relaxation has been alcohol and food.

In fact I now see that I was eating and drinking as hard as I was working. This really does not work because they counteract each other. I was in a mess.

I finally made the tough decision to look for some help to change my life. I got in touch with Nicci in April this year. Best thing I have done for years.

Through Nicci and her therapy I have taken a huge step forward in looking after my life, my family better, growing my confidence again and really enjoying time out. And guess what my business is even better.  I still work very hard but now know about balance.

It's changed my outlook on just about everything I do and how I want to go forward. I can’t thank Nicci enough. Hypnotherapy has worked for me to date and I know that if I am not out of the woods I can go back to see Nicci again to remind me how well I can do if I want to. "

Hypnotherapy helps to rebuild confidence

"I contacted Nicci as I had been having some issues with low self-esteem, lack of confidence and stress management.

We had six sessions, of which were really enjoyable as well as being exceptionally useful.  What I really liked about it was the fact that there was a plan of action - as I felt that, compared to counselling, this was not dwelling on my problems, I felt that we found solutions.

I was totally amazed by the outcome, I was helped by Nicci to think differently and change my negative thoughts.

I was made to feel really comfortable and cared about. It was like we were working as a team for my benefit.

We generally used NLP techniques which worked really well. I now see that I have the skills to improve my self-esteem and it is my own choice how I think. The fact that I have improved my self-esteem has in turn helped my stress management issues.

I feel that I can now overcome fears that I may have shied away from. I feel like a new person. I would definitely recommend Nicci to anyone!"

NLP helped me improve my self-esteem and confidence

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Nicci Murphy

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As Shakespeare once said,

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